Listed below are some writing samples for Shari Von Holten, the owner and designer of Special Days of the Month, a passion project  created for those who love holidays and social media. As someone who works in Social Media, it is my responsibility to learn all the holidays, especially the weird, odd ones.

In addition to creating this website, I have also created, owned and written 99% of the articles on, a website I sold in 2015. Celebrities, news, interviews and the latest gossip could be found on Have U Heard. Unfortunately, the only thing remaining from Have U Heard is the wayback machine.

Below you will find a sample of articles I have written dating back to 2010. Besides the sampling below, I wrote for Celebrity Website, I’m Not Obsessed, Traveling Mom, Mom Babble and many more. Unfortunately, the sites no longer exist.

I also have handled the Social Media accounts for a number of websites, including POWER and Vivitar (in 2018), as well as a number of accounts for agencies.

Health and Beauty

Skincare advice for your 20’s 30’s and 40’s

Aging Gracefully

7 Tips on How to Transform Yourself

Look and Feel Good in 2022


Business Articles

Understanding Recruitment Bias

How to Make Your Small Business a Success

8 Tips to Help You Achieve Success

How to Show Employees You Appreciate Them

The 5 Key Ingredients to Being a Great Mentor

AI in Medical Staffing

Home Office Setup Tips


Fashion Articles

Best Brands in Tweed this Fall

5 Best Hermes Men’s Belts 

5 Best Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bags

The Best Rimowa Bags for Holiday Gifts

How to Style and Care for a Hermes Scarf

Men’s Prada Shoes – Size and Style Guide



Entertainment Articles

Get Ready for Rio



What Should I Study in College


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