American Beer Day

Beer Day also known as American or National Beer Day, is celebrated every year on October 27th. With beer being the most popular alcoholic drink in the United States, it only seems right it has its very own day to celebrate the drink. Beer is a fan favorite for Americans. Breweries across America include large, well-known brands, regional beers, and increasingly popular craft breweries.

When is American Beer Day?

Celebrated annually on October 27th

Type of Holiday?


How is American Beer Day celebrated?

  • Celebrate the day with a nice, cold pint of your favorite American beer
  • Take a trip to the local brewery in your area
  • Have friends over for a beer
  • Make your own home-brewed beer
  • Try a different type of beer
  • Since the most popular day to drink beer is on Halloween – why not try a pumpkin beer

Trivia and Facts for the Day:

  • Over 2,500 breweries produce more than 6 billion gallons annually
  • The most popular type of beer is a pale lager
  • Budweiser is one of the most popular American beers
  • All vitamins and minerals necessary for good health are in beer
  • Beer was first available in bottles in 1850. It was first available in cans in 1935
  • At the end of 2017, there were over 6,300 breweries in the United States
  • Beer is the number one alcoholic drink consumed on Halloween
  • There has been a rise in popularity of pumpkin beers
  • Other common styles of beer include brown ale, IPA, porter, and stout.
  • Americans drink more than 50 billion pints of beer each year
  • The second region who drinks a lot of beer is China

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#americanbeerday  #beerday  #drinkabeer

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on October 27:

  • Theodore Roosevelt –  US President
  • John Gotti – Head of the Gambino Crime Family (Deceased)
  • Roberto Benigni – Italian Director and Actor
  • Kelly Osbourne – Reality Star/TV Personality

Do you have a favorite type of beer? Do you celebrate this day with a beer? Other holidays to celebrate in October include National Pasta DayNational Sweetest DayNational Coming Out Day and many more!

There is also German Beer Day and National Beer Day which is celebrated on April 7th.

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