Bake Cookies Day

National Bake Cookies Day is a day that can be celebrated by people everywhere. Young and old can bond over baking cookies. This day serves as a great reminder if you haven’t already done so – you need to get baking. Do not pass go – start baking!! While you don’t need an excuse to bake cookies, setting a special day aside guarantees there will be lots of baking and possibly special memories and tradition going on.

When is Bake Cookies Day?

December 18th

Type of Holiday?

Fun, Food Holiday

How is Bake Cookies Day celebrated?

    • Baking Cookies – The best way to celebrate the day is to bake some good old fashioned cookies. You can bake chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal cookies or a secret favorite family recipe and share them with friends, family, and coworkers!
    • Host a Baking Cookie Contest. What a great excuse to have friends or family over and have a bake off. Vote on it and see whose cookie is the best.
    • Cookie Exchange – have your guests bake cookies at home and then exchange them with each other. The holidays are the perfect time for the cookie exchange.
    • #000000;”>Send your favorite recipes to family and friends


National Bake Cookies Day Facts:

  • The average person consumes almost 19,000 cookies in a lifetime (doesn’t that sound like a lot of cookies?)
  • Americans consume over 2 billion cookies a year or about 300 cookies for each person.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are the most common type of cookies baked in your homes each year.
  • Baking burns 168 – 348 calories an hour (at least you’re burning some calories prior to eating them all)
  • The biggest recorded cookie was reportedly baked in 2003 and was said to be 102 feet wide and weighed over 40,000 pounds.

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

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Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on December 18th:

  • Billie Eilish – Singer
  • Brad Pitt – Actor
  • Ashley Benson – Actress
  • Christina Aguilera – Singer


What is your favorite cookie? Will you be baking for Bake Cookies Day?


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