"be nasty day - march 8th"

National Be Nasty Day

Being nasty is rarely a good thing, so we aren’t sure why there is a holiday suggesting people make a holiday out of it. When someone is nasty they are usually mean or tawdry. After much research on this day, we couldn’t find the origin. We are hoping most people choose not to celebrate this holiday and instead complete a random act of kindness. In 2016, the phrase “nasty woman” became popular when now President Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as a nasty woman. Woman everywhere embraced the phrase but put a twist on it. They said if being “nasty” means being intelligent, confident and hardworking then they are very nasty. Ironically Be Nasty Day is celebrated on the same day as International Women’s Day. Coincidence??

When is National Be Nasty Day?

This holiday is celebrated every year on March 8th

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial Holiday.

How is Be Nasty Day Celebrated?

  • It is celebrated by being obnoxious to others.
  • We suggest a random act of kindness, rather than being mean to someone. Kindness goes a lot further than being nasty.

Be Nasty Day Trivia/Facts:

No known origin

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on March 8th:

  • Otto Hahn – Chemist
  • James Van Der Beek – Actor
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. – Supreme Court Justice
  • Carole Bayer Sayer – Songwriter/Singer
  • Lester Holt – Newsman
  • Boris Kodjoe – Actor
  • Kat Von D – Television Personality

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

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What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate in March?


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