"cash back day"

Cash Back Day

We have a new holiday that is all about earning cash! Cash Back Day is a new holiday that was created to help you save money. It’s all about an epic day of deals to help kick off your holiday shopping with the gift of cash this season. Buy now, earn extra money for last-minute gifts or to treat yourself to something fun. This 2019 shopping event takes place on the first Thursday in November and will give you 24 hours of access to up to 20% cash back at 100s of your favorite stores – even Target and Amazon. All you need to do is activate your cash back offer and combine with coupon codes to earn rewards and get the maximum savings on your shopping. This holiday may have been created by the website, Retailmenot.com there are other websites known for helping you save money while you shop, including one of our favorites, Rakuten.


When is the Special Day?

2019 is the FIRST Year for this holiday. It will take place the first Thursday in November.

Type of Holiday?

Fun. Money saving holiday.

How to Celebrate Cash Back Day?

  • Get comfortable. Get your laptop. Make sure it’s fully charged and shop away!!
  • Shop items on sale and then apply one of the cash back savings sites, including Retail Me Not, Rakuten and many more.
  • Tell friends and family about all the great deals you are getting.

Trivia/Facts about the Holiday:

  • Created by Retailmenot.com
  • Getting paid to shop is all the rage
  • You can get paid by referring friends and family to cash back websites.

Famous Birthdays Celebrated on November 7th:

  • Marie Curie – Scientist
  • Lourde – Singer
  • Joni Mitchell – Singer
  • Jeremy and Jason London – Actors

Other holidays in November are Daylight Saving Day, Nachos Day, Candy Day and many more. Check out all the holidays in November right here!

Be sure to share all the deals you get!!

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