"cheese doodle day - march 5th"

National Cheese Doodle Day

Cheese Doodle’s are corn puffs covered in a cheese powder. This crunchy delicious snack became a hit in the 1950’s when Cheez Doodles hit the shelves of the grocery store. This snack is made of cornmeal that has been puffed and baked. The cheesy flavor is given by coating doodles with cheddar cheese. If you don’t like the original curly shape of doodles, they also come in balls and a spherical version. They could be fried or baked.

When is National Cheese Doodle Day?

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial. Fun Holiday.

How is National Cheese Doodle Day celebrated?

  • Celebrate by inviting friends over for the snack
  • Send the snack to school with the kids
  • Try the differently flavored cheese doodles and both the puffy and crunchy type
  • Walk around with orange fingers to show your love for the snack

National Cheese Day Trivia/Facts:

  • There is a term for those orange fingers you get after eating the delicious snack – “Cheez Doodles fingers”
  • Cheez Doodles are said to be one of the only packaged snack foods preferred by Julia Child.
  • Besides the puffy kind of cheese doodles, there is also a “newer version” – the Crunchy Cheez Doodles
  • About 15 million pounds of cheese doodles are produced in the USA every year.

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#cheesedoodle #cheesedoodleday #puffyorcrunchy

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on March 5th :

  • Eva Mendes – Actress
  • Michael Irvin – Former Basketball Player
  • Andy Gibb – Singer/Deceased
  • Niki Taylor – Model

Other interesting holidays celebrated in March include National Cereal Day, National Joe Day and National Potato Chip Day.

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate in March?

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