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Chocolate Chip Day

Chocolate Chip Day is all about the chocolate chip. There is some confusion as to the actual date this delicious holiday is celebrated, with some believing the real date to celebrate is August 4th. I don’t know about you – but we are willing to celebrate any day if a chip is included. One of the most popular cookies of all time is the chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies can be traced back all the way to The late 1800s. In the 1930s, Ruth Wakefield is said to have published a chocolate crunch cookie recipe in a cookbook she wrote.

When is Chocolate Chip Day?

Celebrated annually on May 15 (with some celebrating on August 4th)

How to Celebrate the Day?

  • Bake chocolate chip cookies
  • Eat the chips directly out of the bag – you’ll be forgiven if you are caught (just today though)
  • Invite family and friends over for chocolate chips and cookies
  • Bring cookies into work and share with your co-workers
  • Don’t like to bake, you can buy cookies to celebrate

Facts/Trivia about Chocolate Chips:

  • Chips originated in the late 1800s
  • Ruth Wakefield was said to be the person to discover this delicious cookie made with chocolate chips
  • The most popular chocolate chip maker is Nestlé followed by Ghirardelli  and then Hershey’s.
  • Not sure how to bake your own cookies, there are 1000’s of recipes on the internet. Check out this amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Famous Birthdays Celebrated on May 15th:

  • Madeleine Albright – Former Secretary of State
  • George Brett – Baseball player
  • Lee Horsley – Actor
  • Emmitt Smith – NFL Running Back

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Other holidays in May to be on the lookout for include: National Missing Children’s Day, National Water a Flower Day,  National Nurses Day,Star Wars Day and International Space Day.

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