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National Almond Day – February 16th

The almond is originally from Asia but became a staple food for nomadic tribes when it helped them to sustain during long journeys.  The almond has become so popular it has been transformed to several additional food products including,  almond milk, paste, flour, butter, oil, or meal.

When is National Almond Day?

The same day every year – February 16th.

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial. Fun.

How is National Almond Day Celebrated?

This holiday is celebrated by simply eating almonds. Share the nut with friends or family. It makes a great, healthy snack to just put on a table for people to pick on. You can also make chocolate covered almonds or eat them with cheese. Add them to a recipe for that delicious nutty flavor.

Fun National Almond Day Facts:

  • The origin is from central Asia
  • Almonds lower the rise in blood sugar & insulin levels after meals
  • The nuts are cholesterol free and have only 1 gram of saturated fat and 13 grams of unsaturated fat per one ounce serving
  • They are a tree nut highest in protein
  • California is one of the biggest producers of almonds, producing 80% of the world’s supply
  • The almond was introduced to America by Spain
  • Almonds help with bone and teeth strength
  • Great source of vitamin E

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on February 16th:

  • The Weeknd – Singer
  • LeVar Burton – Actor/Singer
  • Ice-T – Rapper/Actor
  • John McEnroe – Former Tennis Player
  • Sono Bono – One Half of Sonny and Cher, Deceased
  • Patty Andrews – Singer
  • Elizabeth Olsen – Actress
  • Edgar Bergen
  • Henry Wilson – Vice President of the U.S.

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February is filled with a variety of holidays including Elmo’s Birthday, Stuffed Mushroom Day,  National Wear Red Day and let us not forget World Nutella Day. We have you covered whether you are looking for a holiday in a specific month or industry – Special Days of the Month is your go-to place.

**This holiday was placed in the chocolate category because you can use Almond Day if you are working with a chocolate company. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered almonds?

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