'world nutella day'

World Nutella Day

World Nutella Day is a very new holiday, created by a popular blogger who had a love for Nutella. So much so that she created a holiday for her favorite food. Nutella fans from all over the world seemed to agree with her love of the chocolate and joined in to celebrate the delicious food. Nutella is owned by Ferrero and was given the holiday in 2015 for years to come, to carry on for years to come.

When is World Nutella Day?

Every year the holiday is celebrated on February 5th.

Type of Holiday?

Fun Holiday

How is World Nutella Day Celebrated?

How else could you celebrate World Nutella Day but by eating the delicious chocolate? You can eat it on a piece of toast or bread, with peanut butter, on top of ice cream or the best way of all…..straight out of the jar. Nutella suggests you make a song about the treat, write a song or poem about it, take a selfie eating the chocolate and of course, share it with your friends – especially with those who have never tasted it.

Fun World Nutella Day Facts:

  • Created by a blogger in 2007
  • The blogger gave the holiday to Ferrero in 2015, with the hope they would carry it on for years to come
  • Every year since 2016, Ferrero holds a contest to find an ambassador for the brand

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on February 5th:

  • Cristiano Rinaldo – Famous Soccer Player
  • Bobby Brown – Singer
  • Darren Criss – Actor (Famous for being on ‘Glee’)
  • Hank Aaron – Baseball Player
  • Sara R  Evans – Country Singer
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh – Actress
  • Tim Meadows – Actor
  • Red Buttons – Comedian

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#worldnutelladay #nutella #chocolate #nutelladay

Another holiday celebrated on February 7th is National Send a Card to a Friend Day

February is filled with a variety of holidays including Elmo’s Birthday, Stuffed Mushroom Day,  National Wear Red Day and let us not forget World Nutella Day. We have you covered whether you are looking for a holiday in a specific month or industry – Special Days of the Month is your go-to place.

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