"May Day - may 1st"

What is May Day?

May Day is known as International Worker’s Day, in many countries, outside the United States. It was created in memory of the Haymarket Affair, initially, a peaceful rally that eventually turned ugly and has since evolved as a celebration to acknowledge the achievements of workers everywhere. This day is also recognized as Beltane, a Gaelic folk festival celebration, that heralds the coming of spring.

When is May Day Celebrated?

Every year on May 1st

Type of Holiday?

Fun. Unofficial Holiday.

How is this day celebrated?

  • This holiday is an observed holiday with parades and/or protest rallies
  • Dance around a Maypole
  • Have a picnic outdoors in the sunshine
  • Attend a festival celebrating the day

National “May Day” Day Trivia/Facts:

  • This day is when the eight hour work day began and the start of the labor movement took place
  • The end of child labor began on May 1st
  • Workers got off on weekends
  • Health and safety standards were put in place
  • Crowning of the May Queen to lead the parade in the Gaelic festival Beltane
  • In France, it is customary to give a sweet smelling flower called the spring of lily of the valley (a symbol of springtime) on May 1st. The tradition started in 1561 when King Charles IX of France received a lily of the valley as a lucky charm.

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on May 1st:

  • Tim McGraw, Country Singer
  • William Nylander, Hockey Player
  • Kiss Daniel, Pop Star
  • James Dorman, Actor
  • James Murray, Comedian
  • Wes Anderson, Writer, Director, Producer
  • Abby Huntsman, Reporter
  • Violante Placido, Italian Actress and Singer
  • Susanne Wolff – German Actress

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#MayDay #May1st

Other holidays in May to be on the lookout for include: National Missing Children’s Day, National Water a Flower Day, National Nurses Day,Star Wars Day and International Space Day.

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