National Boyfriend Day

National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3rd. This day has been set aside to show appreciation to boyfriends everywhere. Since there are days set aside for grandparents, moms, dads, children and even best friends, it only seems fair there is a day set aside for the special boyfriend in your life. There’s no word on how this day came about but something tells us, it may have been a boyfriend who wanted in on the action of having a day to celebrate their relationship.

When is National Boyfriend Day?

October 3rd

Type of Holiday?


How is National Boyfriend Day celebrated?

  • Be extra sweet to that special someone in your life
  • Bake your boyfriend something special today – like the cookies you made for homemade cookie day or brownies
  • Buy your boyfriend something that reminds him of you
  • Treat your boyfriend to a night out on the town
  • Cook your boyfriend dinner
  • Plan a special date for you and your boyfriend

National Boyfriend  Day Trivia/Facts:

  • 84% of Americans with boyfriends plan to celebrate. This seems like an awfully high number but why not – it’s another reason to spend time with your loved one.
  • 12% of Americans with a boyfriend plan to pop the question on National Boyfriend Day.

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#nationalboyfriendday #boyfriendday

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on October 3rd:

  • Gwen Stefani – Singer
  • Ashlee Simpson – Singer
  • Clive Owen – English Actor
  • Kevin Richardson – Member of Backstreet Boys
  • India Arie – Singer

Do you celebrate National Boyfriend Day? If so – share with us how you celebrate and what you do to make your boyfriend feel special.

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