"caffeine awareness month"

March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. When one thinks of caffeine, our first thought usually goes to coffee, the first drink we grab in the morning to help wake us up. Besides coffee, there are plenty of other beverages and even food that contains caffeine including tea, energy drinks and chocolate bars.

Thanks to Caffeine Awareness Month, a guideline has been provided to the public, indicating that caffeine consumption of up to 400 mg/day, or approximately three to five 8-oz. cups of coffee per day, can be incorporated into healthful, daily eating patterns. Wondering how much caffeine is in some of your favoriteĀ drinks? An average energy drink of about 8-oz (half a can of Monster for reference), a 20-oz. diet soda, a shot of espresso, or a small cup of coffee have approximately 80 mg of caffeine in them or 1/5 of your average daily caffeine allowance. That isn’t too bad – especially if you’re a chocolate lover.

As long as caffeine consumption is maintained to the less than 400 mg per day it can be beneficial . It is known to boost memory, detox your liver, help hair growth, and relieve post-workout muscle pain. Healthy doses may also prevent kidney-stones and skin cancer.

Just remember that all caffeine is not created equal and it affects everyone differently. Some of us can drink a cup of coffee at midnight and still make it to sleep without a problem, while others have one cup of coffee at 5pm and are up all night. Be aware of this before ingesting anything with caffeine.

What are your thoughts on caffeine? Are you a die-hard caffeine lover? Are mornings tough for you without caffeine? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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