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National Cold Cuts Day

Cold cuts are sliced, precooked or cured meat. The term “cold cuts” refers to any cooked meat that is thinly sliced, often eaten in a sandwich. Roast beef, ham, and turkey are a few of the more popular sandwich meats, with slices carved directly from chicken, turkey breast, corned beef or other precooked sources. Since the products are made by combining meat chunks with artificial additives,  cold cuts are frequently high in sodium and not always a healthy alternative. Cold cuts are also referred to as luncheon meats, cooked meats, sliced meats, cold meats and deli meats

When is National Cold Cuts Day?

The same day every year, March 3rd.

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial. Fun Holiday.

How is National Cold Cut Day celebrated?

  • Celebrate by having friends over for sandwiches or make a platter with cheese, crackers and cold cut
  • Make fresh turkey or roast beef and slice it thin for sandwiches

National Cold Cut Day Trivia/Facts:

  • Cold cuts can be found fresh in the deli section of the grocery store or they can be found vacuum-packed at the grocery store
  • Most pre-sliced cold cuts are higher in fat, nitrates, and sodium than those that are sliced to order
    The CDC advises to use them within four days.
  • The healthiest cold cut is turkey
  • The World Health Organization research agency classified processed meat — including bacon, hot dogs and lunch meats like salami — as carcinogenic. It also found that eating 50 grams daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 per cent
  • Processed lunch meat such as bologna, and ham, are considered unhealthy because of the amount of sodium and sometimes fat, as well as, some preservatives like nitrites.

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on March 3rd:

  • Buddy Valastro – Chef
  • Chief Joseph – Nez Perce leader
  • William Godwin – Journalist
  • Julie Bowen- Actress
  • Camila Cabello – Singer
  • Herschel Walker – Athlete
  • Charles Ponzi – Criminal, banker


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What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate in March?

March 3rd is a very busy day with National Caregiver Day and National I Want You to Be Happy Day also celebrated on this day.

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