"national egg day"

National Egg Day

National Egg day is all about the egg. Filled with proteins and vitamins, eggs are one of the healthiest meals available. There are hundreds of ways you can eat eggs from scrambled, to over easy, to fried – these are just a few delicious ways you can prepare them. While most eggs come from the chicken, they also come from the geese and duck.

When is National Egg Day?

Celebrated June 3rd, annually.

Type of Holiday?

Fun, Food Holiday.

How to Celebrate National Egg Day:

  • Have a party and serve different variety of eggs.
  • Go out to breakfast and order eggs.
  • Try an egg cooked in a different style than you usually do.
  • Buy a dozen eggs.
  • Post photos on social media of your egg day celebration


  • The world’s largest egg was laid in 2010. The egg measured 9.1 inches in diameter.
  • It takes a hen between 24 and 26 hours to develop an egg.
  • Eggshell colors have nothing to do with flavor or nutritional value of the egg. The color of the egg is determined by the breed of the hen that lays it.
  • Chickens lay more eggs than turkeys or ducks.
  • Iowa produces the most eggs, with 14.8 billion eggs per year.
  • Older eggs are easier to peel than fresher eggs.

Famous Birthdays on June 3rd:

  • Rafael Nadal – Spanish Tennis player
  • Jill Biden – Joe Biden’s Wife
  • Anderson Cooper – Television Personality
  • Tony Curtis – Singer

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#eggday #nationaleggday #iloveeggs

Other holidays celebrated in June include Father’s Day, World Blood Donor Day, Eat Your Vegetables Day, Best Friends Day and many more!!

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