National Foster Care Day

National Foster Care Day is a day dedicated to shedding light on the plight of children in Foster Care. Many of the children who are in foster care lack the basic necessities to survive, such as food and clothing. There are so many children in foster care and not enough people to help the children.  The holiday is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of May.

When is National Foster Care Day?

The first Tuesday in May. It falls on May 1, 2018, May 7, 2019 and May 5, 2020

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial Holiday.

How is National Foster Care Day celebrated?

  • Attend an event promoting the awareness of the needs of foster children
  • Give your favorite foster parent a night out – offer to babysit or make dinner to give them a break
  • Surprise your favorite social worker who helps with foster children. You can give them a card, picture, cupcake or even a call to show them you are thinking of them
  • Support and encourage friends or family who may be considering adoption or are going through the adoption process
  • Invite a child who has aged out of the foster care system to spend a day with your family.

National Foster Care Day Trivia/Facts:

  • National Action for Foster Children Week was established in 1972 by President Nixon
  • Sixteen years later in 1988, President Reagan established May as National Foster Care Month
  • 250,00 children enter foster care each year
  • Only 50% of youth in foster care graduate high school
  • 1 in 5 foster children experience homelessness within 1 year of aging out of care
  • At ages 17 & 18, one-third of young women in foster care are pregnant or parenting

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on May 1st:

  • Tim McGraw, Country Singer
  • William Nylander, Hockey Player
  • Kiss Daniel, Pop Star
  • James Dorman, Actor
  • James Murray, Comedian
  • Wes Anderson, Writer, Director, Producer
  • Abby Huntsman, Reporter
  • Violante Placido, Italian Actress and Singer
  • Susanne Wolff – German Actress

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

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Other holidays celebrated in May include National Nurses Day, National Beverage Day, Teacher Appreciation Day and Eat What you Want Day!

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