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National Mac and Cheese Day

National Mac and Cheese Day is all about celebrating this easy to make breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack comfort food. Mac and Cheese is delicious any time of day. Whether fresh or boxed, mac and cheese is a favorite comfort food for both children and adults. Some claim Thomas Jefferson was the first person to come up with a recipe for the delicious dish but it has never been proven.

When is Mac and Cheese Day Celebrated:

Annually on July 14th

Holidays celebrated on July 14th:

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National Mac & Cheese Day

How to Celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day:

  • Try to make your own fresh Mac and Cheese.
  • Eat the meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Have a party where you can serve a lot of different kinds of macaroni and cheese.
  • Try a type you have never tried before.
  • Have a party and have your friends and family all bring different types of the meal.


  • Kraft sells approximately one million boxes of Mac and Cheese a day.
  • In Canada they refer to the meal as Kraft dinner.
  • Mac and Cheese is the number one cheese dinner made in the United States.
  • The meal remains on the comfort food list for years.
  • The first box of the meal was introduced by Kraft in 1937.
  • Burgundy wine is the recommended wine to serve with this meal.
  • There are restaurants specifically geared toward this meal.
  • There are numerous varieties of the recipe, with cookbooks available.
  • Thomas Jefferson was said to be the first person to come up with a recipe for the delicious dish but it has never been proven.

Famous Birthdays on July 14th:

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge – British, Actress
  • Gerald Ford – Former President of the USA
  • Jane Lynch – American Actress
  • Tommy Mottola – Music Executive, Formerly married to Mariah Carey

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