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National Pig Day

National Pig Day is a special day to honor a very fascinating and adorable animal. The pig gets to hog the spotlight each year as we celebrate its place as human’s  most intellectual, domesticated animal. Pig Day, was created in 1972 by two sisters, Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. Considering how important the pig is to diets and economies across the world, it’s no surprise that Pig Day has caught on all over the world.

When is National Pig  Day?

This holiday is celebrated annually on March 1st

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial. Fun Holiday.

How is National Pig Day celebrated?

  • Visit a farm
  • Go to a petting zoo and pet the pigs
  • Donate money to a zoo in honor of the pigs

National Pig Day Trivia/Facts:

  • A fully-grown pig can consume up to 14 gallons of water a day
  • Pigs are omnivores, though they are generally fed with grains when they are domesticated
  • Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent. They are curious and insightful animals who are widely accepted as being smarter than young children of at least 3 years of age, dogs, and even some primates
  • Pigs are very clean, keeping their toilet area far away from where they lie down and eat. Even newborn piglets will leave the nest to go to the toilet within hours of birth
  • Pigs are extremely social animals. They form close bonds with other individuals and love close contact and lying down together
  • Pork is the most consumed meat around the world. Pork has 3 times as much thiamine than any other food
  • Pig heart valves have been used to replace human heart valves
  • Insulin and more than 40 other pharmaceuticals and medicines are derived from pig products
  • Pigs are very peaceful animals, rarely showing aggression. The exception, as with many animals, is when a mother (sow) with her young offspring is provoked or threatened
  • Pigs have a tremendous sense of smell

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on March 1st:

  • Justin Bieber – Singer
  • Kesha – Singer
  • Demetrius Harmon
  • Daniella Monet
  • Nathan Boucaud
  • Lupita N’yongo – Actor
  • Alan Thicke – Actor
  • Mark Paul Gosselaar – Actor
  • Harry Belafonte – Actor/Singer
  • Ron Howard – Actor/Producer
  • Frederic Chapin – Composer
  • Glenn Miller  –  Song Writer

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What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate in March?


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