"national sleepover day - May 9th"

What is National Sleepover Day?

National Sleepover Day is a day to celebrate the bond of friendship among young women. This was inspired by sleepovers and slumber parties in childhood and the fun memories that were shared. This holiday was created by Cosmopolitan and bareMinerals as a marketing ploy to promote one of their products with the campaign slogan, ‘Makeup so Pure You can Sleep in it!”.

When is National Sleepover Day?

Annually on May 9th

Type of Holiday?


How is National Sleepover Day celebrated?

  • Have a sleepover with your closest friends
  • Be creative and host a family sleepover and make s’mores, hot chocolate, and pillow fights

National Sleepover Day Trivia/Facts:

  • The first National Sleepover was first observed in 2017 as a chance for young women to engage in a favorite activity that will create lasting bonds and an overall sense of inner renewal
  • To kick off the first year it was celebrated, a huge sleepover event was be hosted by Olivia Culpo in Times Square, where attendees were treated to makeovers and women were encouraged to share their makeup secrets
  • Sleepover events are frequently held in museums and aquariums as a way of celebrating

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on May 9th:

  • Billy Joel, Rock Singer
  • Rosario Dawson, Movie Actress
  • Danny Duncan, Drummer
  • Doug Christie, Basketball Player
  • Willian Tenn, Novelist
  • Candace Bergen, Actress
  • David Graham, Songwriter
  • John Corbett, Actor
  • Steve Cell, Actor
  • Wendy Crewson, Actress/Producer

Popular Social Media Hashtags:

#NationalSleepoverDay  #SleepintheBare

Other holidays celebrated in May include National Nurses DayNational Beverage Day, Teacher Appreciation Day and Eat What you Want Day!


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