"national tooth fairy day - feb 28th"

National Tooth Fairy Day

A day of celebrating the tooth fairy. That little lady who flies from house to house leaving money for kids who have lost their teeth. The Tooth Fairy is an American tradition with European and superstitious roots.  The Tooth Fairy made its appearance in the 1920’s, as a way to remind children everywhere to remember to brush their teeth.

When is National Tooth Fairy Day?

February 28th and August 22nd. Celebrated twice a year.

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial. Fun Holiday

How is National Tooth Fairy Day celebrated?

  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth today
  • Join your kids to write the tooth fairy, wishing her a special day

National Tooth Fairy Day Trivia/Facts:

  • There is a movie called ‘Tooth Fairy,’ starring actor, Billy Crystal
  • The earliest reference to the Tooth Fairy was in an article in a Chicago newspaper in 1928
  • Throwing teeth is a common practice: in Turkey, Mexico, and Greece, children traditionally toss their baby teeth onto the roof of their house.
  • In India, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines, lower teeth are thrown upward but teeth from the upper jaw are thrown to the floor, to encourage the new adult teeth to grow straight.

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on February 28th :

  • Jason Aldean – Country Singer
  • Gavin MacLeod – Actor
  • Ali Larter – Actress
  • Bernadette Peters – Theater Actress
  • Bugsy Siegel – Crime Figure/Deceased
  • Mario Andretti – Race Car Driver

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