hot pastrami sandwich day

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

The hot pastrami sandwich is one that will make your mouth water. When served, the deli typically slices the pastrami and places it between two slices of rye bread. Sometimes, the classic New York deli sandwich (pastrami on rye) is served with coleslaw and Russian dressing. The sandwich is said to have been created by a New York kosher butcher, Sussman Volk in 1887. He claimed to have gotten the recipe from a Romanian friend in exchange for storing his luggage. Due to the popularity of the sandwich, Volk converted his butcher shop into a restaurant to sell pastrami sandwiches.

When is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day?

January 14th. A fun, food holiday.

How to Celebrate the holiday:

  • Bring a pastrami sandwich to work or school
  • Companies frequently run specials today – so be on the lookout for a good deal today
  • Have a party and share the food
  • Go to a deli and get some delicious pastrami you can enjoy


  • The sandwich is said to have been created by a New York kosher butcher, Sussman Volk in 1887
  • Pastrami was originally created as a way to preserve meat before modern refrigeration.
  • To make pastrami, you start by making corned beef. Corned beef is a beef brisket soaked in brine (with some sugar and spices). By smoking corned beef, you turn it into pastrami.
  • Both the dish and the word pastrami originate from the Romanian delicacy pastrami, from which the Yiddish language borrowed it.
  • Turkey pastrami is made by processing turkey breast  in a fashion similar to red meat pastrami.

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Famous People who celebrate their Birthday on January 14th:

  • Carl Weathers – Actor
  • Steven Soderbergh – Director
  • Dave Grohl – Rock Star
  • LL Cool J – Rapper/Actor
  • Emily Watson – Actress
  • Faye Dunaway – Actress
  • Jason Bateman – Actor
  • Phil Simms – Former NFL Player

Other days to celebrate in January include Trivia Day and National Spaghetti Day

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