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Pina Colada Day

Pina Colada Day is a holiday that needs to be celebrated, after all it has a popular song dedicated to the drink. If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain……Besides being a delicious drink, the cocktails are well known thanks to the song, Escape by Rupert Holmes. The drink is said to have been invented between 1954 and 1963 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Multiple people have tried to claim they invented the drink and we completely understand – it is one of the most popular mixed drinks out there.

Ingredients for the delicious cocktail:
Coconut cream
Fresh pineapple juice
White rum
Crushed ice
Pineapple wedge and cherry to garnish

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Type of Holiday:

Fun, Food Holiday

When is Pina Colada Day?

Celebrated annually on July 10th

Other Holidays Celebrated on July 10th

  • National Clerihew Day
  • National Kitten Day
  • National Pina Colada Day

How to Celebrate Pina Colada Day:

  • Have the speciality drink (if you are sitting on a beach when drinking it – that’s an added bonus.)
  • Go to the beach and enjoy the cocktail with some friends
  • Have a party with friends and family and serve the cocktail
  • Sing the “Pina Colada” song with a drink in hand
  • Make a fresh drink using fresh ingredients or a pre-mixed drink and see which one you prefer


  • Rum is the key ingredient in the drink.
  • Usually served blended or shaken – it is a delicious frozen drink.
  • The recipe’s beginnings are said to be from Puerto Rico.
  • Famous actress, Joan Crawford, was a fan of the drink.

Famous Birthdays on July 10th:

  • David Brinkley – Newscaster
  • Sofia Vergara – Actress
  • Nikola Tesla – Inventor
  • Arthur Ashe – Tennis Player
  • Adrien Grenier – Actor
  • Jessica Simpson – Singer, Reality TV Star

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There are other drinks with its own special day. There is also Martini Day and National Vodka Day.

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