"Stamp Out Hunger"

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day is set aside to spread awareness of the prevalence of hunger in communities throughout the United States and designed for community involvement in a food drive. On this day mail carriers will collect food donations left along their mail routes by their customers in a concerted effort to stamp out hunger.

When is Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day?

The holiday is held on the second Saturday of May. The dates for the next few years are: May 12, 2018, May 11, 2019, May 9, 2020.

Type of Holiday?

Unofficial Holiday

How is Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day celebrated?

  • Throughout the United States, mail carriers pick up donations of non-perishable foods set aside by postal customers on Saturday to deliver to local pantries and other hunger relief organizations
  • Individuals volunteer their time to help collect and deliver the food items to various locations
  • Organizations partner with the Postal Service in obtaining donations and directing them to the needy

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day Trivia/Facts

  • Held on the Second Saturday in May
  • The National Association of Letter Carriers and Labor Community Service Postal Service began this crusade and for 26 years this has been going strong
  • 49 Million people struggle with getting access to food
  • One in 6 suffer from hunger
  • Approximated 40% of food in the US is wasted or thrown out
  • In 2017, the food drive celebrated its 25th anniversary
  • Mail carriers both deliver mail and collect food donations on this day
  • This day is held in May because most food banks face a depletion in donations from the holiday season.
  • The Stamp Out Hunger effort is the United States’ largest single-day food drive
  • Actor Edward James Olmos is the official national spokesperson for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive
  • Young children and the elderly are at risk for hunger

Celebrities who celebrate their birthday on May 12th:

  • Tony Hawk, skateboarder
  • Luke Benward, Movie actor
  • Emilio Estevez, Movie actor
  • Catherine Tate, TV actress
  • Otto Frank, Entrepreneur
  • Steve Smith, Football player
  • Yogi Berra, Baseball player
  • Katherine Hepburn, Movie actress
  • George Carlin, Comedian
  • Erick Durm, Soccer Player

Popular Social Media Hashtag:

stampoutfoodhunger #fighthunger

Other holidays celebrated in May include National Nurses DayNational Beverage Day, Teacher Appreciation Day and Eat What you Want Day!

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