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United Nations Day

In 1945, nations were in shambles. World War II was over and the world wanted peace and so the United Nations was created. 51 countries met to sign a charter, creating a new organization called the United Nations. More than 70 years later, the U.N. is still in existence and is still promoting peace and security throughout the world. It provides development and humanitarian assistance to those in need. It upholds international law and protects human rights and now its member states are working together to fight climate change. The UN continues to join forces to create a better world.

When is United Nations Day?

October 24th. Celebrated Annually.

Type of Holiday?


How is United Nations Day Celebrated?

  • Decorate your school in blue and white to promote UN awareness
  • Dedicate the day to educating your friends, family or co-workers on the importance of the United Nations
  • Host a Speaker at your school who will discuss the importance of the UN
  • Watch a movie about the UN

Trivia about United Nations Day:

  • The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) provides food and assistance to 80 million people in some 80 countries
  • The UN and its agencies supply vaccines to 45% of the world’s children
  • The Paris Agreement on climate change was signed on Earth Day in 2016.
  • The Paris Agreement was signed by the largest amount of countries ever in a single day, 174
  • The UN brought countries together in 2015 to launch a plan to end poverty, reduce inequalities, and protect the planet by 2030

Hashtags to use on United Nations Day:

#unitednations #unitednationsday

Celebrities who celebrate their birthdays on October 24th:

  • Adrienne Bailon – Actor, Singer
  • Kevin Kline – Actor
  • Tila Tequila – Reality Star
  • Drake – Singer

Will you be celebrating United Nations Day?

Other holidays to celebrate in October include National Pasta Day, National Sweetest Day, National Coming Out Day and many more!


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