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World Pasta Day

Not only is National Pasta Day celebrated in October, but now we have World Pasta Day, as well. This holiday has been celebrated on 25 October every year since 1998 with promotional initiatives held throughout the world. The event is organized by the International Pasta Organization every year.

Pasta is one of the world’s most favorite foods! With more than 600 known pasta shapes – there are so many meals that can be made with pasta. From spaghetti, lasagna, rotini, to tortellini – a meal with pasta is definitely a must! Not only are there a number of choices as to what type of pasta you want, but you will also find it’s delicious and nutritious too. Pasta is the Italian word for dough. It can be enjoyed as a main course, or as a side dish. Top it with your favorite sauce or eat it plain or with butter and you are good to go.

When is World Pasta Day?

October 25th

How to Celebrate World Pasta Day:

  • Celebrate with your favorite pasta dish
  • Head over to Dubai, where the “official” celebration is taking place for it’s 20th anniversary.
  • Invite family and friends over for some pasta
  • Exchange pasta recipes with friends and family
  • Buy or borrow a pasta recipe book and make your own fresh pasta

Trivia/Facts for World Pasta Day:

  • World Pasta Day is organized by the IPO (International Pasta Organization)
  • The 20th anniversary, taking place in 2018, will be celebrated in Dubai
  • The event aims to maximize the promotion of an extraordinary, good, healthy, nutritious, food
  • Pasta is the Italian word for dough
  • Pasta became a common North American food in the late 19th century with the surge in Italian immigration
  • Fresh pasta is different than dry pasta – as it is made with egg
  • The shape of the noodle gives the pasta its name

Celebrities who celebrate their birthdays on October 25th:

  • Katy Perry – Singer
  • Pablo Picasso – Artist
  • Ciara – Singer
  • Samantha Bee – Comedian/TV Host
  • James Carville – Political Commentator

Hashtags to use for World Pasta Day:

#worldpastaday  #mangia  #everyonelovespasta

Some pasta recipes are so delicious they even have their very own day. Check out National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, celebrated in February.

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